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Plate rolling machine for sale

Plate rolling machine price: 11500 USD
Plate rolling machine specification: 12*2100MM

plate rolling machine for sale

The plate rolling machine is a metal process equipment that can roll metal plates into cylindrical, arc-shaped, or other shaped workpieces. The plate rolling machine for sale can improve production effectiveness and reduce the space required for storage and transportation. In addition, the metal plate is stronger, more resistant to corrosion, and easier to process after rolling metal plates, so, the plate rolling machine has wide uses in different industries.

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plate rolling machine steel

● 3 roll plate rolling machine specification

steel plate rolling machine for sale
Product 3 roller plate rolling machine
Material width 2100MM
Rolling machine thickness plate 12MM
Application Construction, aviation, ships, automobiles, home appliances, etc.
Control system Joystick control
  • Screw control

    1. Screw control
    The rolling plate machine uses the adjustable screw to control the roll accuracy and ensure good process quality.

  • Reducer

    2. Reducer
    The roller plate rolling machine adopts the heavy-duty reducer and has the advantage of smooth transmission, no noise, and good mechanical performance.

  • Adjustable roll

    3. Adjustable roll
    The roll spacing of the rolling machine for plate can be adjusted to meet different roll requirements. acanalada.

  • Pure copper motor

    4. Pure copper motor
    The plate bending rolling machine adopts the pure copper motor, the operation is more stable, and the service life is longer.

● Plate rolling machine working principle

The steel plate rolling machine is also called metal plate rolling machine. This is an important metal process equipment that can roll different metal plates to meet the requirements of different industries. The plate rolling machine design is advanced and it consists of the upper roll, lower roll, transmission device, and control system. The plate rolling machine working principle can process the metal plates by mechanical force and gravity. First, put the metal plates between the upper roll and then the lower roll of the ms plate rolling machine, the upper roll down moves to the lower roll, and the lower roll starts to turn. The friction force causes the metal plate to move, causing the plate to roll evenly.

● Plate bending rolling machine application

The plate rolling machine operation is easy and the processing speed is fast. In addition, it can process different shapes and sizes, such as O-shaped, U-shaped, multi-section R, etc. As a professional plate rolling machine manufacturers, we produce the best plate rolling machine in the world, and our products have been exported to different countries, such as, plate rolling machine Canada,India,South Africa,Coimbatore,Malaysia,UAE. The rolling machine for steel plate has a wide application as a basic metal processing equipment, such as construction, aviation, shipbuilding, automobiles, home appliances, and other industrial fields.

The types of plate rolling machine are different according to different application fields. The plate bending rolling machine can be divided into 3 roll plate rolling machine and 4 roll plate rolling machine according to the number of the upper roll and lower roll. Our product is a 3 roll plate rolling machine and can roll plates with a thickness of 12MM and a width of 2100MM. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, easy to manufacture and maintain, low investment, etc. So, it has wide applications in the boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aviation, hydropower, decoration, metal structure, and other industries.

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How to reduce the deformation of the metal plate during using plate bending rolling machine?

1. The upper roller design
During the design of the upper roll, the diameter of the roll is gradually reduced from the center towards both ends. This plate rolling machine design is widely applied and can achieve a certain compensating effect.
2. Adding supporting rolls to the upper roll
This method involves adding supporting rolls for the upper roll. By adjusting the height of the supporting rolls, a certain amount of pre-deformation is induced in the upper roll, which precisely offsets the upward deformation occurring during plate rolling. This method is commonly used in heavy duty plate rolling machine, such as those used for shipbuilding and the fabrication of petroleum storage and transportation tanks.
3. Reverse pressure
This method reduces the deflection of the upper roll by applying reverse pressure. Two hydraulic cylinders are installed on the outer side of the frame to apply reverse pressure to both ends of the upper roll, inducing a downward bending deformation in the middle section and thus eliminating the deformation caused by insufficient deflection of the upper roll.The advantage of this method is that the compensating amount varies with the load, while the disadvantage is that the mechanical structure is relatively complex and the ms plate rolling machine price is high.

Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to consider factors such as the working conditions and manufacturing costs of the rolling plate machine, and choose a suitable solution that fits one's own requirements.

What are the advantages of 4 roller plate rolling machine compared with 3 roller plate rolling machine?

1. The roller end bearing adopts a rolling bearing with a small friction coefficient, which reduces reactive power loss and saves energy.
2. The upper roll has an encoder, and can accurately locate the rotation position of the roller, making it easy to find the seam of the rolled tube
3. The lifting and lowering displacement of the lower roller and side roller are controlled by the computer. This electric plate rolling machine has high precision with an accuracy of ±0.2mm and is easy to operate
4. The 4 roll plate rolling machine has a movable operating desk and the touch screen can show the position of the roller, so, the operation is easy and fast.

The 4 roller plate rolling machine consists of four rollers, The upper roller position is fixed, and the lower roll can be lifted and lowered by hydraulic cylinder drive. The 4 roller plate rolling machine has a pre-bending function at the end of the plate, allowing the metal plate to be fed in once and automatically completing the pre-bending of the plate end and the full automatic rolling forming of the workpiece. The 4 roller plate rolling machine for sale has a high technical level and comprehensive functions, it offers high precision and easy operation, making it an ideal model for rolling circular, arc, conical, and irregular workpieces.

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Common problems when using roll plate rolling machine?

1. The upper roller self-lubricating shaft sleeve is prone to wear during long-term high-intensity rolling work, significantly affecting the service life of the roller.

2. The motor of roll plate rolling machine has high power and a large load. So, the contacts of the motor's forward and reverse contactors, the gears in the gearbox, and the transmission belt are often damaged.

3. The heavy plate rolling machine weight is heavy, so, daily maintenance and upkeep work occupy workshop cranes and manpower resources, resulting in high costs and impacting normal production.. At the same time, frequent lifting and assembly work is required during disassembly and maintenance, which poses certain safety risks.

4. If operated at full capacity for a prolonged period, the maintenance and upkeep costs will increase for a hydraulic plate rolling machine.

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