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18 hp Horizontal Engine for Sale 460cc engine ohv gasoline engine 192f engine

Model: YS192FA   460cc engine: 160 - 240USD

horizontal engine

The 460cc engine horizontal engine has strong power, reliable and stable performance, stable body, good start ability, sturdy and durable hand-starting pulley, simple and easy to operate. This 18 hp horizontal engine for sale can also be equipped with an electric starting device, which is more convenient to start. This type of ohv gasoline engine is very versatile and has a wide range of uses, so it is also called a general purpose engine. They can easily adapt to a variety of work scenarios and environments, and can be configured with road cutters, boat hangers, water pumps, threshers, sprayers, generators, sand pumps, micro-tillers, hole punchers, gasoline engine vibrators, etc.

● Use inferior oil or not maintained on time may cause abnormal wear (such as cylinder pulling, locking).
● If the horizontal engine is not used under normal working conditions for a long time (idling or slow use), it will cause excessive carbon deposition in the cylinder.
● Water or liquid entering the machine will cause rust or short-circuit damage.
● The long-term overload operation of the machine will cause the mechanical properties to decline or be damaged.
Unauthorized modification and installation of non-original accessories may cause damage to the machine.

lifan horizontal engine
horizontal engine with gear reduction
ironton ohv horizontal engine

● Technical data of horizontal engine for sale

Engine type Single cylinder、4-stroke、overhead valve
Bore × stroke(mm) 92×54
Displacement(ml) 460
Start mode Recoil/Electric (optional)
new horizontal engine horsepower 18
Max. Output (HP/rpm) 18/3600
Engine speed (power) (rpm) 3600 r/min
Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 26/2500
Horizontal engine top speed (torque) (rpm) 2500 r/min
Fuel designation Unleaded gasoline above 90#(GB17930-1999)
Fuel consumption ≤370
Fuel tank capacity(L) 6.0
Engine oil capacity(L) 1.1
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 450×380×435
Net Weight(kg) 32

Note: Electric start and hand start are optional.

● Electric start horizontal engine structure diagram

replacement horizontal engine
horizontal engine structure diagram

● Advantages of horizontal engine 460cc engine

  • 1) OHV overhead valve design reduces carbon accumulation, high-strength dust resistance makes maintenance easier, greatly improves combustion efficiency, and achieves low fuel consumption.

  • 2) All-aluminum box design, high strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, light weight, durable and long service life; suitable for a variety of working environments, matching a wide range of models, strong practicability.

  • Carbide case

    3) The refined carburetor design can effectively adjust the corresponding concentration according to the different working conditions of the engine, and output the corresponding mixed gas for the normal operation of the machine.

  • 4) All-steel balance shaft, professional balance, low center of gravity design, make the engine run smoothly.

  • 5) All-steel crankshaft, wear-resistant and fatigue-resistant.

  • 6) Low noise muffler, noise reduction design, disperse the heat of engine.

  • 7) A variety of pulleys are available, which are compatible with pulleys for extruders, pulleys for road cutting machines, and pulleys for soil cultivators, etc.

  • 8) Colors and styles are optional, hand start and electric start are optional.

● Horizontal engine projects

Our horizontal engine has strong versatility, and can be used with a variety of mechanical equipment. It is suitable for different working environments and work needs, and can meet the needs of popularization, you can see horizontal engine mower, horizontal engine for garden tractor, horizontal engine pump etc. They are more often used in: air compressors, road cutters, and sprayers, water pump, tiller, trowel, threshing machine, etc. If you have more modification needs, you can contact us for consultation.

We also have a variety of other horizontal shaft engine styles to choose from, for example 5 hp horizontal shaft engine, 8 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start, 9hp horizontal engine for sale, 13 hp horizontal shaft engine etc., you can directly view or browse our homepage to view, in addition, we also sell parts corresponding to various engines, please contact us for more details.

horizontal shaft engine uses

● Knowledge expansion

what is horizontal engine

The horizontal engine definition is the engine with the center line of the cylinder parallel to the horizontal line of the ground, that is, the engine placed horizontally. The horizontal engine feature is that the height of the engine is very low, which is easy to install in places where the general vertical engine cannot be placed, it is often used in occasions where the height of the engine is strictly restricted. Horizontal engine has the drive shaft on one side and run with the crankshaft axis in a horizontal position.

Horizontal engine vs vertical engine

The horizontal engine is generally a variant of the vertical engine. Vertical and horizontal engine difference main as follows:
1. Displacement
The biggest difference between horizontal engine and vertical engines is the different displacement. Generally, the displacement of the horizontal engine is smaller than that of the vertical engine. The displacement of the single-cylinder model of the vertical engine can reach 650cc or even larger.

2. Volume
The single-cylinder horizontal engine is relatively small in size and light in weight. The single-cylinder vertical engine will be larger and heavier.

3. Space
The horizontal engine has relatively small expansion space, which is the main reason why this type of engine generally has a relatively small displacement; while the vertical engine will have a relatively large expansion space and more internal parts, so the its application will be wider.

There is also a saying that because of gravity, the inertia of the vertical engine will be greater than that of the horizontal engine, so the explosive force of the vertical engine will be stronger than that of the horizontal engine. Although this statement cannot be verified, it is still very eye-catching.

From the horizontal engine vs vertical, we can see there is no absolute good or bad between the two engines, but the models used will be different. It is more appropriate to choose which engine to use according to the specific needs of users.

Horizontal engine advantages

1) The center of gravity of the horizontal engine is relatively low, so when the machine is running, the stability is higher and the engine runs more smoothly.

2) The height of the horizontal engine is low, which can be easily installed in places where the general vertical engine cannot be placed.

3) The volume of the horizontal engine is relatively small and the weight is relatively light.