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212cc engine

212cc engine is a horizontal shaft engine with overhead valve (OHV) design, with many advantages: full fuel combustion and low fuel consumption; cast iron cylinder, strong and durable, durable and wear-resistant; low noise when working; good experience; the oil alarm is designed to protect the engine by shutting down the engine when the oil level is below the safety line. This 212cc engine dimensions is small, powerful, stable in performance and durable, it is a good choice for users.

● Our 212CC Engine

● 212cc engine start mode

212cc engine has two starting methods: manual start and electric start, you can contact us to set up. For customers who purchase our 212cc engine electric start kit separately, we will provide the predator 212cc engine wiring diagram of the control switch box to ensure that the user can install it correctly.

predator 212cc engine electric start

● 212cc engine parts

Besides 212cc engine kit, we also provide various parts, such as 212cc engine oil, 212cc engine mount, 212cc engine carburetor, 212cc engine camshaft, 212cc engine flywheel, predator 212cc engine fuel filter, 212cc engine governor, predator 212cc engine gas tank, predator 212cc engine gas cap, predator 212cc engine kill switch, predator 212cc engine spark plug etc. If you have other accessories needed, please also contact us for consultation.

loncin 212cc engine parts

● Basic maintenance of the engine

1) Change the engine oil within 20 hours of first use;
2) Change the engine oil after 50 hours of use for the second time;
3) Change the engine oil after every 100 hours of use;
4) Clean the air filter every day in dusty occasions;
5) Clean the air filter every three days on occasions with little dust;
6) Turn off the carburetor fuel switch after each use.

● Our services

In addition to providing parts to provide customers with after-sales protection, we also have a professional team to provide customers with 212cc engine troubleshooting, knowledge answers and other services. For example, 212cc engine belt size, 212cc engine backfire, 212cc engine break in, predator 212cc engine not starting, predator 212cc engine no spark, predator 212cc engine troubleshooting, predator 212cc engine won't start, etc., so that customers can use our products with more confidence.