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9ph petrol engine horizontal shaft engine

model: YS170FB   9ph petrol engine price:140 – 260 USD

horizontal shaft engine
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This horizontal shaft engine 9ph petrol engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke horizontal output end 77mm bore air-cooled petrol engine, the horsepower is 9hp and the engine displacement is 270CC. This small horizontal shaft engine for sale has the following advantages:
● Adopts the overhead valve (OHV) structure design, which reduces the accumulation of carbon, has good dust resistance, and has an ideal combustion chamber shape, excellent suction and exhaust effect, greatly improve the combustion efficiency and achieve low fuel consumption;
● The advanced hard alloy box makes it have the advantages of high-quality mechanical seal, fast heat dissipation, durable wear resistance, etc., so that its service life is longer;
● Hand-pulled recoil starter, light and compact, it can also be easily activated by women due to the pressure relief mechanism;
● Superior air filter system, multi-stage filtration of air is more thorough, and it can work well in harsh environments;
● High-quality manufacturing materials, metal cams, and forged crankshafts make the engine perform better and have a longer life. Cast iron cylinder liners make the engine more stable.
● This horizontal shaft engine also uses a thickened muffler to effectively reduce noise and bring you a quiet experience.
This 9hp horizontal engine for sale is very stable in quality, durable, versatile, and has a high cost-performance for commercial and household use. It can be used with a variety of agricultural and forestry machinery, small machinery, and construction machinery, such as trolleys, trowels, extruders, Sprayers, micro tillers, generators, sand extractors, water pumps, pulverizers, threshing machines, threshers, etc., provide power for them, and are good assistants for the work and life of the majority of users.

1. Be sure to add enough oil before use
2. The horizontal shaft engine must be turned off when refueling
3. Check for fuel spillage or leakage before use

● Horizontal shaft engine 9ph petrol engine technical data

Engine type Single cylinder、4-stroke、overhead valve
Bore × stroke(mm) 77×58
Displacement(ml) 270
Start mode Recoil / Electric
Max. Output (HP/rpm) 9/3600
Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 19/2500
Fuel designation Unleaded gasoline above 90#(GB17930-1999)
Fuel designation ≤370
Fuel tank capacity(L) 6.5
Engine oil capacity(L) 1.1
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 490×440×520
Net Weight(kg) 25

● Horizontal shaft engine electric start kit for 9ph petrol engine

Horizontal shaft engine electric start kit for 9ph petrol engine

● Horizontal shaft engine electric start advantages

  • Automatic air cooling

    1) Automatic air cooling Efficient heat dissipation, effectively disperse engine heat and prolong engine service life.

  • Large capacity fuel tank

    2) Large capacity fuel tank Heat insulation and cold insulation, stainless steel thick material, good sealing, large capacity, vibration resistance.

  • Thickened pull plate

    3) Thickened pull plate Sturdy and durable, quick start, easy to start for women and old people.

  • Throttle damper adjustment

    4) Throttle damper adjustment, practical design, smooth operation

  • Overhead valve OHV design

    5) Overhead valve OHV design, efficient suction and exhaust, low fuel consumption, powerful torque

  • High-quality

    6) High-quality carburetor, high power and low fuel consumption

  • Equipped with an oil alarm device

    7) Equipped with an oil alarm device to avoid pulling the cylinder due to lack of oil

● Horizontal shaft engine operation steps

  • Fill the new machine

    1) Fill the new machine with 4-stroke oil (both oil ports can be added) and add it to the oil port when the machine is laid flat.

  • gasolin

    2) Add gasoline

  • Turn the red switch

    3) Turn the red switch (turn off switch) to the ON position

  • 3) Adjust the throttle switch to the left, and open the throttle to the maximum; adjust the damper switch to the left to prevent the difficulty of starting due to the entry of air; adjust the oil circuit switch to the right to open the oil circuit.

  • 5) Pull out a small section of the pull-coil wire first, and then pull it quickly to start the machine. After the start is successful, put the pull-coil wire back into the starter slowly.

  • 6) After starting the machine, slowly adjust the damper switch to the right, open the damper, keep fresh air in, and make the engine work better.

● Horizontal shaft engine uses range – horizontal shaft engine projects

Our horizontal shaft engine are highly versatile and have wide horizontal shaft engine uses range, they can be configured with a variety of agricultural machinery, garden machinery, and construction machinery, such as road cutters, rammers, trowelers, punchers, fishing boats, generators, water pumps, and air compressors. It can be used in machine, medicine sprayer, thresher, high pressure washer, micro tiller, threshing machine, etc. It provides enough power for these equipments and you can also see horizontal shaft engine boat, horizontal shaft engine on bike, horizontal shaft engine golf cart etc. Our horizontal shaft engine really deeply loved by users.

Horizontal shaft engine uses range

● About us

We are a professional general horizontal shaft engine manufacturer with rich production experience and professional design and modification capabilities. We can produce horizontal shaft engine of various specifications to provide power for your machine, improve your work efficiency and bring a better work experience. In addition to the horizontal shaft engine 9ph petrol engine described in this article, we have many other styles for you to choose from, such as 5.5 hp petrol engine, 8 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start (208cc ohv horizontal shaft engine), 10 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale (10 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start), 13 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start, 18 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale 420cc engine and more, they can be adapted to different working environments and job demands. We also sell accessories for horizontal shaft engines, such as horizontal shaft engine clutch, horizontal shaft engine recoil starter, gearbox for horizontal shaft engine etc. Welcome to contact us for more communication.