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pouch packing machine manual - Operating procedures

Every type of pouch packing machine has its own operation procedures, and if automatic pouch packing machine is not operated according to the relevant procedures after purchase, it is very easy for equipment failure to occur due to improper operation by pouch packing machine operator.
Carefully read and follow the pouch packing machine manual, establish operation procedures for pouch packing machine automatic, aiming to ensure its normal operation. The content of the operation procedures for pouch packing machine automatic is as follows:

automatic pouch packing machine

1. Check the usage record of automatic pouch packing machine, understand the operating status of the equipment, and confirm that the equipment can operate normally.

2. Check the cleanliness of automatic pouch packing machine and perform necessary cleaning.

3. Check the lubrication status of pouch packing machine and lubricate each transmission component of the equipment according to requirements.

4. Check whether the connections of each pouch packing machine parts are intact and whether there is any looseness.

5. Installing packaging materials in a neat transmembrane manner can refer to "How to replace packaging film on a small pouch packing machine".

6. Set the sealing temperature on the thermostat according to the packaging materials used.

7. Set the bag length: Set the packaging bag length value directly through the bag length setting switch on the operation panel, start the pouch packing machine, and observe whether the bag length detection value is consistent with the packaging requirements. If there is a difference, adjust the setting value to meet the requirement, refer to "pouch packing machine cursor adjustment" for more information.

8. Adjust the transverse sealing pressure by adjusting the screw on the transverse sealing heat sealer to achieve the packaging effect.

9. Adjust the former: according to the correct method to adjust the former and achieve molding effect.

10. Determine the position of the cutter: After loading the packaging material, install it into the traction roller through the former until it is near the conveying bag. Align the package film color mark with the middle position of the transverse sealing of the heat sealer, generally 1-2 bags away from the transverse sealing (integer position), tighten the cutter, and press the film cutting button until it can be cut smoothly.

◆ Start up and run

After the above adjustments are completed, turn on the start switch to make the fully automatic pouch packing machine operate and cut out several qualified empty bags continuously before starting the feeding operation. Pour the material into the material bin, pull the "filling" clutch handle to start filling, and weigh after 5-6 bags are filled. Adjust it according to the weighing results to meet the requirements, and the fully automatic pouch packing machine can operate normally.

◆ Machine stop

1. Pull the "filling" clutch handle to stop the feeding;

2. Press the “stop” button to stop the operation of the main machine;

3. Accurately and carefully fill out the equipment usage record as required, and pay attention to keeping the fully automatic pouch packing machine clean and hygienic in the work environment;

4. After the work is completed, cut off the main power supply.

◆ Safety precautions

1. It is strictly prohibited to rinse the fully automatic pouch packing machine with water. When cleaning the machine, it is necessary to prevent the electrical equipment from getting damp.

2. When cleaning the heat sealer, a dedicated copper wire brush should be used. Touching with hands is prohibited to prevent scalding.

3. Do not extend your hands or other tools into the fully automatic pouch packing machine during operation to avoid personal accidents.

In addition, some faults may occur during the use of the fully automatic pouch packing machine. We have corresponding introductions in ARTICLE, such as “How to quickly detect the common faults and do pouch packing machine repair”, which you can refer to for more information.