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Use and maintenance of powder packing machine

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Powder packing machine is mainly used for packaging powder materials. As we all know, due to the light weight of powder materials, dust problems exist whenever there is vibration, movement, or other actions in the air. Therefore, when packaging powder, dust phenomenon is very obvious, and workers are likely to develop lung diseases and other illnesses after inhaling a lot of dust. Therefore, packaging powder products has always been a headache. Similarly, pouch packing machine also needs to consider related issues such as dedusting and purification during the packaging operation.

Our fully automatic powder packing machine adopts the seamless docking method of screw feeding and uses an ideal sealed elevator, which easily solves the problem of light powder materials and flying dust, and achieves the process of powder material packaging.

The compact powder packaging machine adopts the inclined screw pushing and discharging method, and the packaging weight can be directly adjusted during the packaging process without stopping the machine, effectively improving work efficiency. It can be equipped with devices such as coding machine, inflation, exhaust and dust suction.

Fully automatic powder packing machine is suitable for the automatic metering and packaging of powder materials such as medicines, milk tea, milk powder, and condiments. It automatically completes metering, bag clamping, filling, sealing, sewing, and conveying for powdery or granular materials that are prone to flow or have poor fluidity, with high accuracy, strong reliability, and not easily worn.

Although the compact powder packing machine is not easily worn, we still need to pay attention to its maintenance and upkeep in daily use and operation. This article is to introduce relevant knowledge about the use and maintenance of powder packing machine.

◆ Preparation before operation of powder packing machine

1. Check whether the electrical connectors are reliable and whether the fasteners are loose.
2. Whether there are foreign objects in the hopper of the powder packing machine sachet.
3. Check whether the buttons on the powder packing machine sachet are effective.
4. Check whether the rotation direction of the mixer and feeder correct (should be clockwise when viewed from top to bottom). If the direction is incorrect, you can swap any two wires of the power supply.
5. Check if the adjusting shaft screw is loose.
6. Check whether the material cup and screw are concentric.
The inspection method is as follows: (1) loosen the fixing screw of the material cup and remove the material cup. (2) Rotate the screw by 90 degrees each time and insert the material cup to observe whether there is interference. If they are not concentric, adjustments are necessary.
7. Adjustment of spiral height.
Place the material cup on the spiral and observe the position of the bottom of the spiral. It is appropriate for the bottom to be about 2 millimeters away from the bottom edge of the material cup. When adjusting, open the observation window on the right side of the hopper cover of the powder packaging machine, loosen the adjusting shaft screw, and fix the material cup evenly with three cup screws. Hold the adjusting shaft by hand to move up and down. When the spiral height is appropriate, tighten the adjusting shaft screw.
8. Adjustment of scraper position
When replacing the screw, the mixing scraper should be adjusted. The distance between the scraper and the screw is usually around 20 millimeters. When adjusting compact powder packaging machine, loosen the scraper screw and lift or push the scraper to the appropriate position. Then tighten the scraper screw.

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◆ Precautions for using fully automatic powder packing machine

When you use spice powder packing machine, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Do not approach or touch the moving parts of the machine with your body, hands, or head during operation of pouch packing machine parts.

2. Before each start, check and observe the surroundings of the machine for any abnormalities.

3. Do not insert your hands or tools into the seal holder during operation of small powder packing machine.

4. Do not frequently switch operation buttons, and do not frequently change parameter setting values during normal operation of the machine.

5. Foreign objects should not be mixed in the filling material; otherwise it may cause inaccurate discharge or damage to the pouch packing machine and spare parts.

6. Powder packing machine used timely replace the seal ring on the discharge piston and the lower end of the discharge barrel after wear.

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◆ Maintenance of powder packing machine

1. Before operating the powder packing machine, read the powder packing machine manual carefully, familiarize yourself with the adjustment and usage methods, and follow the instructions when operating.

2. According to the powder packing machine manual, the vacuum pump should be regularly maintained and lubricated (pay attention to maintaining the oil level), and it is strictly forbidden to reverse it to avoid incorrect operation and oil injection into the vacuum system.

3. Regularly check whether there are any foreign objects on the sealing cloth (polytetrafluoroethylene) of the hot pressing frame of the fully automatic powder packing machine, and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing strength.

4. Regularly check whether the grounding of the powder packing machine pneumatic is in good contact to ensure safe use of electricity.

5. When a fault is found, the fully automatic powder packing machine power should be turned off in a timely manner. If necessary, press the emergency stop button, lift the machine cover after releasing the air, and then turn off the voltage to check the cause and troubleshoot.

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