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208cc engine

208cc engine refers to a single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled overhead-valve gasoline engine with an engine displacement of 208cc. Its cylinder diameter is 70mm, and it is a product produced by expanding the cylinder on the 168F engine, most parts of the two engine models model can be used in common.

● Our 208CC Engine

● 208cc engine specs

208cc engine horsepower is 7.5HP, 208cc engine oil capacity is 0.6L, 208cc engine top speed is 25MPH, 208cc engine valve clearance is divided into intake valve clearance and exhaust valve clearance, intake valve clearance is 0.10-0.15mm, and the exhaust valve clearance is 0.15-0.20mm.
208cc engine carburetor has excellent oil and gas mixing effect, which will save more fuel, The electric start design can be added to make it a 208cc engine with electric start model. Users who have a certain understanding of this type of product can purchase an electric start kit to modify it by themselves. When modifying, you can consult our technical methods. Of course, you can also directly Buy our 208cc engine with electric start model. This is more convenient and worry-free.

● 212cc engine parts

Besides electric start kits, we also have many other 208cc engine parts for sale, such as 208cc engine carburetor, 208cc engine air filter, 208cc engine spark plug, governor, gas tank, 208cc engine ignition coil, 208cc engine oil, etc., to provide users with good after-sales protection, so that they can use more at ease and have no worries.

208cc engine parts

● 208cc engine application areas

The 208cc engine has a wide range of uses, and can be used in crushers, branch crushers, water pumps, trolleys, construction site flatbeds, sand extractors, micro tillers, etc. It is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure and easy to operate, and is well received by users.

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