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208cc engine 170f engine 8 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start

model: YS170FB   208cc engine electric: 100 – 160 USD

208cc engine
generac 208cc engine

what does 208cc engine mean

The 208cc engine also known as the 170F engine, refers to a single-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine with a horizontal output end of 70mm with an engine displacement of 208cc. 208cc engine horsepower is 8hp. The 170F engine is a cylinder expansion product based on the 168F engine, and most of the accessories can be used in common with each other.
This type of OHV Gas Engine is called a general small gasoline engine by the industry, or a general purpose engine for short. It generally refers to small gasoline engines that use gasoline as fuel, except for vehicles and special purposes, and are not used on roads, and their rated power is generally below 30kw. General purpose engine is mainly used as supporting power for agricultural, forestry and plant protection machinery, small agricultural machinery, garden machinery, generator sets, construction machinery, outboard machinery, etc. such as tiller, sprayer, thresher, trowel, household generator, electric welder, water pump, washing machine, hand-held chainsaw, lawn mower and so on.
Due to its small size, light weight, low price and easy use, the general purpose engine occupies an important position in the matching of various equipment, especially in the knapsack machinery, the general purpose engine is the only supporting power.

1) The 208cc engine is started by recoil. Due to the pressure relief mechanism, the starting resistance is low, so that women can start easily.
2) Electric start design is optional to make this mode be 208cc engine with electric start;
3) It is strictly forbidden to stop the engine quickly when it is running at high speed and heavy load, so as not to damage the parts.

● 208cc engine specs technical data

Engine type Single cylinder, 4-stroke, overhead valve
Bore × stroke(mm) 70×54
Displacement(ml) 208
Start mode Recoil / Electric
208cc engine hp 7.5
Max. Output (HP/rpm) 7.5/3600
208cc engine speed (power) (rpm) 3600 r/min
Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 11/2500
208cc engine top speed (torque) (rpm) 2500 r/min
Fuel designation Unleaded gasoline above 90#(GB17930-1999)
Fuel designation ≤374
Fuel tank capacity(L) 3.6
208cc engine oil capacity (L) 0.6
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 415×360×390
Net Weight(kg) 16

Kindly note: we can add electric start kit to make it become 208cc engine with electric start model, please contact our sales stuff for more details.

● 208cc engine structure diagram

208cc engine with electric start

● 208cc engine advantages

1) Multi-repetitive low-noise muffler, control to reduce noise and effectively isolate sound transmission
2) OHV design, efficient suction and exhaust, reliable performance and fuel economy
3) High-quality carburetor for 208cc engine, easy to start, long life, stable idle speed, make full use of fuel, efficient and fuel-efficient, and full of power
4) Special 208cc engine air filter, good filtering effect

briggs & stratton 208cc engine

5) High-precision crankshaft, a variety of interfaces to choose from Seiko forged crankshaft, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, strong power

briggs & stratton 208cc engine

● 208cc engine Steps for usage:

1. Check before starting.
●Check the carburetor for 208cc engine, oil seal, bottom, etc. to see if there is any oil leakage.
●Remove debris and extra objects around the muffler, starter, and heat sink.
●Check the appearance, all nuts, bolts and screws for looseness, tighten if necessary.
●Check if the 208cc engine oil is below the safety line.

2. Preparation before starting
1) Add 208cc engine oil
Unscrew the oil dipstick, add an appropriate amount of oil from the oil filler port until the specified height, and then tighten the oil dipstick; the 208cc engine oil type is: SAE 15 W/40 four-stroke gasoline lubricating oil
2) Add fuel
Open the fuel tank cap and add fuel from the fuel filler port (93# unleaded gasoline is recommended) until the specified height.
3. Start
● Move the fuel switch to the ON position
● When starting the engine in the cold engine state, turn the throttle handle to the off position; when starting the gasoline engine in the warm engine state, move the damper handle from low speed to high speed by about 1/3
● Turn the gasoline engine switch to the ON position
● Gently pull the handle of the starter until you feel resistance and pull it hard and quickly, then slowly put it back on the handle after starting

4. Shut down the 208cc engine
Put the throttle handle plate to the low-speed position, turn the gasoline switch to the off position, and turn off the fuel switch.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to stop quickly when running at high speed and heavy load, so as not to damage the machine parts.

● 170F engine (208cc engine) vs 168F engine

The 170F engine is a product after the expansion of the cylinder on the basis of the 168F engine. Strictly speaking, the carburetor and the cylinder head have also changed (because the cylinder diameter changes, resulting in changes in the compression ratio, so the crankshaft eccentricity, the combustion chamber of the cylinder head and the carburetor The main measuring hole of the engine has also been modified), but in order to maintain the versatility of the engine, some manufacturers have not changed except for the casing, piston, piston ring, and cylinder head gasket. In other words, the only parts that the 168F engine and the 170F engine cannot share are the piston and piston rings, the case and the cylinder head gasket.

● 208cc engine horizontal shaft engine uses

We mainly produce small gasoline engines to provide power for a variety of agricultural and forestry machinery, construction machinery, etc. In addition to the 208CC engine introduced in this article, we also have a variety of other styles for you to choose from, such as 5.5 hp petrol engine, 196cc engine (gasoline engine 6.5 hp), 9ph petrol engine, 10 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale, 13 hp horizontal shaft engine, 212cc engine, 18 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale (460cc engine) etc. Of course, we also produce and sell various ohv gasoline engine related accessories, such as 208cc engine carburetor, 208cc engine ignition coil, 208cc engine oil, 208cc engine spark plug, 208cc engine air filter, 208cc engine gas tank, 208cc engine governor etc.

horizontal shaft engine uses
horizontal shaft engine uses

● 208cc engine parts diagram

208cc engine parts diagram
208cc engine parts diagram

Over the years, we have been committed to providing users with efficient, stable and convenient power machinery to meet users' needs for environmentally friendly, low-carbon and convenient power products. In addition to the production and sales of products, we also provide some professional technical support, question answering and troubleshooting knowledge, such as engine valve adjustment, air filter maintenance, carburetor oil leakage, etc., so that customers can buy and use with confidence.
We hope to work together with you to create a better future, please feel free to contact us for more information.