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Horizontal Shaft Engine

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● Our Horizontal Shaft Engine

● Horizontal shaft engine definition

A horizontal shaft engine is also a horizontally placed engine, its cylinder centerline is parallel to the horizontal plane, the drive shaft is on one side and runs with the crankshaft axis in a horizontal position, generally a variant of a vertical engine.

● Horizontal shaft engine uses

The feature of the horizontal shaft engine is that it has a very low engine height, which is easy to install in places where the general vertical engine cannot be placed, and is used in the occasions where the engine height is strictly limited. You can see horizontal shaft engine for go kart, horizontal shaft engine for mini bike, horizontal shaft engine golf cart etc. The horizontal shaft engine for sale we produce are widely used, commonly used in agricultural machinery, garden machinery, construction machinery and other industries, as well as micro-tillers, sprayers, threshers, water pumps, generators, lawn mowers, trowels, cleaning machines, Hole punching machine, boat hanging machine, road cutting machine, etc. are used together to meet people's needs in work and life.

horizontal shaft engine for sale

● Horizontal shaft engine for sale

Our horizontal shaft engines have a variety of styles, models, and different powers, which can be designed and modified differently according to different usage scenarios and environmental requirements of users. Our regular models are 5 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale, 9ph petrol engine, 8 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start, 13 hp horizontal shaft engine electric start, 18 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale, also we can produce 20 hp horizontal shaft engine, 22 hp horizontal shaft engine for sale even higher horsepower engine products, you are welcome to contact us for more specific consultation.

● Horizontal shaft engine vs vertical

The horizontal shaft engine is generally a variant of the vertical engine. The main differences between the two are as follows:
1. Displacement
Horizontal shaft engine vs vertical, the biggest difference is they have different displacement. In general, the horizontal shaft engine has a smaller displacement, while the vertical engine has a larger engine displacement.
2. Volume
The single-cylinder horizontal shaft engine is relatively small in size and light in weight. The single-cylinder vertical engine will be larger and heavier.
3. Center of gravity
The center of gravity of the horizontal shaft engine is relatively low, so the stability of the machine operation is higher and the engine runs more smoothly.
4. Height
The height of the horizontal shaft engine is low, this is convenient for installation in places where ordinary vertical engines cannot fit.
5. Space
The horizontal shaft engine has relatively small expansion space, which is the main reason why this type of engine generally has a relatively small displacement, while the vertical engine will have a relatively large expansion space and more internal parts, so its application will be wider.

Total speaking, there is no absolute good or bad between the two type of engines, but their different characteristics lead to different application scenarios and applicable machinery, so users just need to choose a more suitable engine style and model according to their own needs when purchasing.