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Common flow wrap machine troubleshooting

The horizontal flow wrap machine is a kind of commonly used packaging machinery equipment at present, such as cookies, toilet paper and other commodities are all packaged by horizontal flow wrap machine. It is inevitable that there will be failures during the long-term use of the machines, we‘d better master some flow wrap machine troubleshooting methods in advance, this may help you deal with the small flow wrap machine fails as soon as possible.

◆ Flow wrap machine film product enter chute failure

vertical flow wrap machine

Performance:The flow wrap machine film cannot enter the upper hot roller of the mini flow wrap machine, or is detached from the hot roller, or the two sides are uneven.
1. The center of the product enter chute, longitudinal sealing roller, and transverse sealing roller of the flow wrap machine film are not aligned on a straight line.
2. The product enter chute of the flow wrap machine film is excessively tilted.
3. The chain speed of the transverse sealing hot roller axis sprocket is irregular and abnormal.

1. Increase the pressure. Turn the vertical sealing roller pressure adjustment knob of the mini flow wrap machine to the right. Be careful when stretching the film, because excessive stretching may cause failure to seal.
2. Reducing the pressure of the vertical sealing roller. As excessive pressure may prevent the film from being clamped in, and even cause it to be squeezed out.
3. The vertical sealing roller needs to clamp more than usual. For example, it should clamp around 10mm when it's around 7mm normally.
4. If the two ends are still uneven after making the above adjustments, bend the product enter chute on the side where the flow wrap machine film is protruding inward.
5. If there is an error in the center axis of the product enter chute for the flow wrap machine film, it is a manufacturing defect and the chute even the machine should be replaced.

◆ The cutter of the small flow wrap machine cannot cut through the packaging film

Reason1: The gap between the moving blade and the fixed blade is not adjusted properly.
Solution: There are two short and two long clamping bolts on each side of the fixed blade. When the cutting edge of the moving blade approaches the fixed blade, the friction between the two blades will cut off the flow wrap machine film.
For the small flow wrap machine, the gap between the two blades should be around 1/100mm, and the two upper blade tips should just touch slightly. The sharp blades should be kept parallel. When adjusting, hold the film with one hand to cut it off, while adjusting the blades with the other hand. The cutter clutch should be released when adjusting.

Reason2: The cutting edge is damaged.
Solution: For minor damages, use oilstone to grind. For more serious damages, use a CNC grinding machine for repair

Reason3: Poor installation of the cutter, poor engagement of the cutter clutch, and disengagement of the precise positioning key.
Solution: Carefully check each part and re-tighten them.

The cutter of flow wrap machine china

◆ small flow wrap machine Horizontal sealing heat roller failure: poor sealing

Reason: The heat adjustment is malfunction and the compression spring is insufficient or uneven of the working pressure.

Solution: To select the suitable working pressure and temperature based on the thickness and type of commonly used packaging materials. If the sealing temperature is too high, the seal will turn milky white and the packaging film at the sealed area will be easily peeled off.
The working pressure of each hot sealing roller of the flow wrap machine China is adjusted by the compression spring, and the temperature of the rollers is controlled by the temperature control instrument to operate the electric heating rod for heating. At the left and right sides of the horizontal sealing roller, there are working pressure adjustment knobs, each consisting of a push knob and a pull knob. Using only the push button will apply excessive working pressure to the hot roller and easily lead to poor sealing. Therefore, the push button and pull button should be used appropriately. The adjustment knobs at multiple locations of the horizontal sealing roller are designed to better adjust and avoid uneven lateral force.

The horizontal sealing hot roller of flow wrap machine for biscuits

◆ Fault in the turntable of the small flow wrap machine

(1)The packaged object falls into the heat-sealed part
The product bagging time and the heat sealing time are inconsistent.
Solution: The two-coupling gear is connected to the turntable gear. Push the two-coupling gear upwards to change the meshing to ensure the material won’t fall during sealing. The ideal feeding time is to drop the material into the bag after the horizontal sealing is completed, and do not change it easily after adjusting properly.

Reason2: The packing speed is too fast, and material falls for a long time, causing material jamming. Solution: In this case, the packaging speed of the small flow wrap machine should be appropriately reduced.

Fault in the turntable of the small flow wrap machine

(2) The filling time has been adjusted properly, but the machine malfunctions again.
Reason: The turntable of the small flow wrap machine is not fixed well, the keys and fixing screws are loose, the fixed position is incorrect or the switch inside the turntable is not functioning properly.
Solution: Fix the turntable of the flow wrap machine in the correct position and re-fix the keys and screws. Adjust the opening and closing mechanism of the switch to the correct position and fix the switch after adjustment. Additionally, when filling small particle powders, or mixtures with extremely different densities, will take longer time to fill the bag, and this may result in particles getting stuck in the sealing area. In this case, the packaging speed should be slightly slowed down to make the speed suitable for the performance of the packaged material.

◆ The electrical components of the compact flow wrap machine failure

1. The current of the heat sealing roller is too high or the fuse is blown.
Reason: There is a short circuit in the electric heater or in the heat sealing circuit.

2. The heat sealing roller is not heating up.
Reasons: 1. the electric heating wire is broken. 2. The fuse is blown. 3. There is a malfunction in temperature control, in which case the red and green lights do not flicker when setting different temperatures.

3. The temperature cannot be self-controlled, and the temperature is too high. Reasons:
● The thermocouple is in poor contact with the roller or damaged.
● There is a malfunction inside the temperature controller.

4. The photoelectric positioning of the compact flow wrap machine is not accurate.
● The controller's fuse is blown or there is an issue with its internal components.
● The packaging material is not installed properly, causing the tracking center to not pass through the center of the photoelectric head's aperture.
● There is dirt on the photoelectric head.
● The sensitivity knob is not adjusted properly.

◆ Failure of the compact flow wrap machine mechanism itself

1. Part of the flow wrap machine for sale mechanism cannot be started.
● The connection of the electric motor is broken. The broken part should be reconnected. If it is a motor malfunction, the motor should be replaced.
● The fuse is blown. It needs to be replaced with a fuse of the same ampere value.
● Gear screws and buttons are loose. Check from the motor in the order of transmission, and tighten the loose screws and buttons.
● Foreign objects have fallen into the gears and other rotating parts, causing abnormal sounds from the motor. If not deal with it timely, the motor is prone to burning out. Please remove the foreign object as soon as possible.
● Foreign objects falling onto the cutter of the compact flow wrap machine can cause the dual blades to be too tightly matched. The foreign object needs to be removed, and when removing it, the clearance should be appropriately increased if the dual blades are too tightly matched.

2. The cross sealing heat roller does not rotate
Reason1: The bearing part of the heat roller is not oiled, causing it to burn and lock.
Reason 2: The gear fixing lock ring and key are loose.
Solutions: 1. Oil should be added to the bearing part of the heat roller. 2. The gear fixing lock ring and key should be tightened again.

The heat roller of the flow wrap machine for biscuits

It should be noted that although understanding these common flow wrap machine troubleshooting knowledge can help you solve some minor problems in a timely manner, pouch packing machine repairs still require professional personnel. If you want more knowledge about flow wrap machine, such as Differences and applications between top film feeding and bottom film feeding flow wrap machines, you can cleck our blog for more information.

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