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flow wrap machine manual Chapter 1 - Safety precautions

Thank you so much for using our YANSUMI flow wrap machines! Before using our flow wrap machines for the first time, please be sure to read the contents of this "Flow Wrap Machine Manual" carefully. It will help you use and maintain the machine correctly, ensure the safety of man and machine, and give a full play to the performance of horizontal flow wrap machine, reduce failure, and extend its service life. Considering the rich content of the "Flow Wrap Machine Manual", we will introduce it in separate chapters. This chapter introduces the safety precautions of flow wrap machine for sale.

1. It is forbidden to start the flow wrap machine before clearly understanding the correct operation method and safety regulations.

2. Untrained and authorized personnel are not allowed to use this machine.

3. Before using this machine, it is necessary to thoroughly read the "Flow Wrap Machine Manual" and understand all the content and instructions.

4. Confirm the completion of installation and necessary adjustments before operating the flow wrap machine for sale.

5. Before starting, make sure that no tools or objects are placed on any tabletops of the small flow wrap machine.

6. Do not touch the inside of the machine or electrical facilities if the power is not turned off.

horizontal flow wrap machine

7. The flow wrap machine operator should not leave the working area of the machine while it is running.

8. It is strictly forbidden to touch the hot sealing wheel, mold sealing and moving flow wrap machine parts during the operation of the machine.

9. The inspection and maintenance of electrical control circuits must be completed by an electrical professional flow wrap machine engineer.

10. Without the permission of our company, it is not allowed to modify the machine arbitrarily, or install any devices, knives or peripheral equipment not approved by our company on the machine, so as to avoid risks.

11. If you are unclear about the contents of the "flow wrap machine manual", or encounter any problems that cannot be solved according to the instructions in this "flow wrap machine manual", please consult our company or authorized dealers, and do not deal with them without authorization.

12. Do not use flow wrap machines under conditions outside the specified installation environment.

Friendly reminder: For the safety of yourself, others and flow wrap machines, please be sure to comply with the above safety precautions to avoid accidents and incidents caused by non-compliant operations, which may result in personal and property losses.

In addition, we will also introduce the machine introduction, installation, operation, adjustment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of flow wrap machines in separate chapters. You can click to view them directly or check out our BLOG to find the chapters you are interested in. We hope it will be helpful to you and especially to your flow wrap machine operator.