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flow wrap machine troubleshooting of sealing folds(wrinkles)

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After using a horizontal flow wrap machine for a period of time, some small problems are inevitable, such as sealing folds, which will cause failure to achieve the intended packaging effect. Although this situation is common, we still need to pay enough attention because it will affect the normal production. Let us see the flow wrap machine troubleshooting of sealing folds together.

◆ Causes of seal folds in flow wrap machines

There are many factors that can cause folds during sealing on a flow wrap machines (https://yansumigroup.com/flow-wrap-machine/). According to our experience, there may be the following situations:

1. The horizontal sealing blade speed and the film running speed are not matched.

2. The gap between the horizontal sealing blade and the film is not uniform, causing uneven stress on the flow wrap machine film.

3. The film running speed and the product feeding speed are not matched, resulting in raw materials being present at the sealing area during horizontal sealing.

4. The direction of the horizontal sealing blade is not perpendicular to the direction of the flow wrap machine film running.

5. The temperature of the horizontal sealing blade is not uniform or not suitable.

The above are common reasons for sealing folds of flow wrap machines for sale. So, when there is a problems, it is important to observe the problem area and then adjust the corresponding position accordingly.

◆ How to deal with the wrinkles in compact flow wrap machine packaging?

The phenomenon of sealing folds in packaging is a common occurrence in shrink packaging equipment such as flow wrap machines and vertical pouch packing machine (https://www.yansumicables.com/en/pouch-packing-machine.html), and there is no universal solution. Below we briefly introduce several solutions to the problem of sealing folds, hoping to be helpful to our users, especially to the flow wrap machine operators.

1. The shrink temperature is not high enough. Solution: Increase the sealing temperature of the flow wrap machine for sale (if there are more folds on the upper part, increase the upper heating temperature, otherwise, increase the lower heating temperature); If the temperature is high enough, you can try to slow down the conveyor belt speed to extend the product's time in the shrink tunnel and improve the shrinkage effect.

2. If the problem still cannot be solved after the above treatment methods, we need to consider whether the quality of flow wrap machine film is not good, and the outer layer has poor heat resistance. If the shrinkage ratio is small and the toughness is not enough, we need to change the packaging film.

3. If the problem still exists after applying the above solutions, it may be due to the aging of the small flow wrap machine or the small flow wrap machine used belongs to an unqualified product. It will cause temperature in the heat tunnel may not be uniform, or the hot air flow speed may be too slow. In this case, we suggest you to replace the small flow wrap machine with a better quality one.

Control panel of flow wrap machines

◆ Other maintenance for the sealing of small flow wrap machine

After the flow wrap machines have been used for a period of time, suddenly the packaging film cannot be cut or the seal is not firm. Some customers may suspect that it is a quality issue with the flow wraps machines, but in fact, it is often due to the cutter and the sealing temperature setting. Let's check from the following aspects.

1. Disconnect the power supply of the automatic flow wrap machines first. This is a necessary condition and must be followed for maintenance of any packaging equipment.
2. Check the sealing cutter of the used flow wrap machine, but do not touch it with your hands to avoid injury.
3. Check if the seal has temperature, if not, replace the fuse.
4. Check if the electric heating tube is damaged.
5. Check if the temperature controller is damaged.
6. Check if the temperature control is lost.
7. Check the open circuit and damage of the thermocouple.
8. Check if the electric relay is damaged.
9. Check if the safety device switch is faulty.
10. Check the pressure plate of the safety device.
11. Check if the seal is firm or the seal is faulty.
12. Check if the temperature setting is too low.
13. Check if the sealing time is too short.

包装膜穿膜轴 Film roll shaft
全不锈钢进料面板 All stainless steel feeding panel
不锈钢链条 Stainless steel chain
制袋器 Bag maker
启动按钮 Start button
控制界面 Control interface
一体电箱 Integrated electrical box
电源开关 Power switch
端封刀座 Rotary end sealing knife holder
成品输送皮带 Finished product conveyor belt
机座 Machine base
可活动的固定脚轮 Movable fixed wheel

Control screen of chocolate flow wrap machine

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