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Mechanical Punch Press

Punching Capacity: 16 Ton    Mechanical punching machine price: 1400 dollars

mechanical punch press
mechanical punching machine
mechanical punch press machine

● Characteristic of mechanical punch press machine

mechanical punch press for sale
 The transmission center is consistent with the overall center of the mechanical punch press for sale to ensure accurate and performance stable.
 This punching machine for mechanical engineering is equipped with two slider balancers to ensure that the punching machine for mechanical engineering maintains a balanced operation.
 The highly sensitive punch press mechanical clutch and brake, duplex electromagnet and overload protection device can ensure the accuracy and safety of the operation and stop of the mechanical punch press.
 The adjustment precision of the slider adjustment mechanism can reach 0.1MM.
 The crankshaft, gears, gear shafts and other friction parts of the mechanical punching machine are all hardened through heat treatment before grinding. These mechanical punch press parts have extremely high wear resistance and stable performance.
 This 15 ton punch press can work with other automatic feeding mechanism to do automatic production so that can lower the cost and improve efficiency.

● Parameter of mechanical punching machine

mechanical one punch press
Product Name 15 ton punch press
Die Height Adjustment(mm) 40mm
Nominal Force(ton) 16t
Nominal Stroke(mm) 60mm
SPM (Times/min) 130/min
Blanking hole diameter(mm) 160mm
Main Motor Power 2.2KW
Bolster(mm)) 290*460mm
Between Slide Center and Frame(mm) 180mm
Outline Dimension(mm) 1020*800*1900mm
Weight(kg) 900

● Mechanical Punch Press Parts

mechanical punch press die
punch press mechanical clutch

● Transportation and after sales service

Yansumi Maquinaria is funded in 2004. It’s one of mechanical punch press manufacturers in China. Our mechanical punch press for sale has good quality and we sell our mechanical punch press for sale to many countries, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia and Vietnam etc. We have profesional shipping agent company to provide clients with optimal transportation plan and low shipping freight. We can offer you professional pre-sales service to help you buy a mechanical punching machine that befits your production. Our technical team do after sales service and offer you suggestion in the production. Also, we can offer our clients all mechanical punch press parts:punch press mechanical clutch, flywheel, mechanical punch press die etc. Contact us if you need more information ahout mechanical punch press for sale and mechanical punching machine price.

 mechanical punch press loading container
 mechanical punch press loading container
punching machine for mechanical engineering
mechanical punch press manufacturers
mechanical punching machine

● Mechanical punch press use

A mechanical punching machine is a metal processing equippment that uses pressure to shape the sheet metal. To finish the mechanical punching process the mechanical punch press die is needed. The mechanical punching process is very simple: put the sheet metal on the lower mechanical punch press die with tool and step on the foot switch, the upper mechanical punch press die hits the sheet metal and the mechanical punching work is done. Compared with traditional mechanical processing, mechanical punching process saves materials and energy and can make product effects that cannot be achieved by mechanical processing, so it has become more and more widely used.

This mechanical punching machine has the mechanical punching capacity of 16 tons. Can be used to produce electronic components, instruments, cold cut metal saw parts, toys, decoration, hardware tools, horizontal engines, automobiles and machinery etc.

mechanical punching machine products


Define mechanical punch press

The mechanical punch press is the kind of machine that takes advantage of high pressure to deform the workpiece. Before the use of the mechanical punch press, these operations were all done by hand - inefficient and laborious. The design principle of mechanical punch press machine is to convert circular motion into linear motion: the flywheel is driven by the main motor, and the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) and connecting rod are driven by the clutch to achieve the linear motion of the slider. The movement from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular. The mechanical punch press for sale presses the material to plastically deform to obtain the required shape and accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to use dies (the upper die and the lower die), place the material between the dies, and the mechanical punch press for sale applies pressure to deform it. With the emergence of mechanical punch press, metal stamping becomes easier, more accurate and more efficient. Generally, mechanical punch press is used for sheet metal stamping.

mechanical punch press for sale
crankshaft, flywheel and connecting rod of mechanical punch press
What are types of mechanical punch press?

There are a variety of classification standards for mechanical punch press machine. As we have mentioned before, the mechanical punch press machine can be divided into crank mechanical punch press, eccentric gear mechanical punch press10, knuckle mechanical punch press, friction mechanical punch press, screwmechanical punch press, rack mechanical punch press, link mechanical punch press and cam mechanical punch press according to the drive mechanism of the mechanical punch press nachine.

The mechanical punch press also can be divided into fixed table mechanical punch press and inclinable mechanical punch press according to the structural characteristics of the work table.
The fixed table mechanical punch press has good rigidity and anti vibration stability, and can be made into larger tonnage.

mechanical one punch press
mechanical punch press for sale

Inclinable mechanical punch press, whose body can be tilted back at a certain angle (generally 25 ° or 30 °), so that the workpiece (or waste) can be discharged from the rear of the mechanical punch press because of its own weight.

Deep throat mechanical punch press is another kind of mechanical punch press that the distance from the center of the mold handle hole to the rear wall panel is larger than that of a ordinary mechanical punch press. It can be 300mm, 500mm, 800mm and even 1250mm. And can do customized production of deep throat mechanical punch press according to actual production needs.

mechanical punch press machine

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