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Punch Press Machine For Sale 40t

Punch press machine capacity: 40t
Punch press machine cost: 4500 dollars

punch press machine

● Advantages of punch press machine

 This sheet metal punch press machine offers a pressure of 40 tons for metal stamping work.

 This 40 ton mechanical punch press is built with robust structures and stable bed designs to ensure stability and precision even under high-speed operation and large impact forces.

 By changing the die, the same machine can be used to press different shapes. It has a wide range of applications and can be used to cut and drill various types of materials.

● Specifications Of Press Machine For Punch

Nominal Force(ton) 40
Nominal Stroke(mm) 100
SPM (times/min) 40
Die Height Adjustment(mm) 50
Between Slide Center and Frame(mm) 240
Bolster(mm) 640*400
Blanking hole diameter(mm) 160
Main Motor Power 380v triphasic 4kw
Outline Dimension(mm) 1250*950*2400mm
Net Weight(kgs) 2100
press machine for punch

● Shipping & After Sale Service

We have complete pouch press machine parts for after sale service, and we can design and supply puching dies acooding to client's needs. If you buy punch press machine from us, you can not only get a good quality machine with all necessairy dies and spare parts fit for you, but also get a puching solution which can help your production.

punch press machine metal

● What does a punch press machine do?

A punch press machine is a type of machinery used in manufacturing and metalworking industries. It is designed to punch holes, slots, or other shapes into various materials, such as metal sheets or plates, using specialized punches and dies. The punch press machine applies force to the material through a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic mechanisms, creating precise and repeatable perforations according to the programmed specifications. The punch press machine can be used in many industries: automobiles, kitchenware, cold cut metal saw parts, electrical appliances, motorcycles, tricycles, furniture, machinery and electronic components, etc.

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what is the Preparation work before start the punch press machine?

1. Before working on a new punch press machine, it is necessary to check whether the oil circuits are unblocked and add lubricating oil, and check whether the bolts are loose; check whether the bolts are loose; whether there is abnormal noise; whether the power supply is safe; whether the foot switch is sensitive and firm, the pulley rotates in the direction of the arrow, and foreign objects cannot be placed on the worktable.
2. Before the test run of the new punch press machine, move the flywheel by hand for one or two idling, and check whether the upper and lower dies are parallel or vertical.
3. After adjusting the dies and confirming that there is no error, step on the foot switch to start the punch press machine and observe whether the punch press machine is reversed. Start the motor of the mechanical punch press machine after confirming that the direction of the punch press machine for sale is correct.
4.Before the punch press machine works, first add lubricating oil to each lubricating point, gears, connecting rod ball gland, manipulator, etc. shall be lubricated with oil at any time.
5. During the work of the punch press machine for sale , the bolts and nuts must be inspected at any time to prevent accidents.


lubricating points of punch press machine


Regularly pump to the lubrication points with manual lubricating oil pump.
It is absolutely forbidden to punch two sheets of plates at the same time.
If abnormal situation is found during the working process, stop the punch press machine immediately and check the punch press machine.

What is the price of Punch press machine?

Punch press machines are the kind of machine that are widely used in production in different industries. As one of the best punch press machine manufacturers, Yansumi Machinery can offer you punch press machines for sale with different capacities to meet your production demand: punch press machine for sale 10 tons, 16 tons, 25 tons, 35 tons, 40 tons, 63 tons, 200 tons, 80 tons.

Punching Press Machine Capacity Price
10 tons 600 dollar
16 tons 1400 dollar
25 tons 2500 dollar
40 tons 3500 dollar
63 tons 3800 dollar
80 tons 7500 dollar
100 tons 9000 dollar
200 tons 12000 dollar
punch press machine cost

The punch press machine price is related to its punching capacity, bigger punching capacity makes the punch press machine price is higher. And the CNC punch press machines are more expensive than mechanical punch press machine. Our mechanical punch press machine is a high performance and low cost product, with about 700 dollars, you can buy a punch press machine of 10 tons for the jobs that are difficult to do manually but with the mechanical punch press machine you only need to step on the foot switch.
You may find that the punch press machines for sale in your country are very expensive, at least they are much more expensive than the one we’ve mentioned. We take punch press machine price in Chile as an example. the import tax is 6% in Chile, so the importer needs to pay this tax to customs. Besides the value of the mechanical punch press machine, the importer has to pay the freight, taxes and also needs to earn in the business, with this profit he can pay rent for his store and salary for his staff. If you buy a punch press machine in China direct from us you can save the extra you pay to the importer. And also can give you more options of models. So, click the WhatsApp button to get the latest punch press machine price!

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