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Installation and maintenance of spice packing machine

spice packing machine

The working process of spice packing machine for sale generally is "weighing - feeding - bagging - discharging - sealing", during which the machine automatically completes a series of packaging operations such as measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch numbers, cutting and counting.
As technically advanced and stable packaging equipment, spice packing machine has several prominent advantages:
1. Through digital technology measurement and control, the packaging has good stability.
2. When a malfunction occurs, it can alert to shut down in time, reduce the loss of materials and packaging materials, and automatically store data to ensure production continuity.
3. The small spice packing machine is made of stainless steel and meets GMP standards, ensuring that the materials are not contaminated during the packaging process.
4. The design of spice packing machine is very user-friendly, making it easy to maintain and repair.

Spice masala packing machine is widely used in the packaging industry and is recognized and highly regarded by packaging enterprises for its simple operation, stable performance, and long service life. In the future, spice packing machine will continue to meet the packaging needs of more processing factories in the packaging industry and contribute its own strength to more users in the packaging industry.

As a user of small spice packing machine, it is important to have a good understanding of its installation and daily maintenance in order to fully utilize the functions of spice packing machine.

◆ Installation of spice packing machine for sale

As for the installation of small spice packing machine, there are several key points that need to be considered. Here is a brief introduction:

1. Connect a 10A or higher 220VAC power supply with leakage protection to the finished product conveyor of raw spices packing machine.

2. Connect a three-phase 380AVC power supply with leakage and phase loss protection of 10A or higher to the automatic elevator.

3. Do not forget to install the ground wire.

4. Connect the air source to the three-way inlet of small spice packing machine.

5. Use the lift to feed the materials into the large hopper at the top of raw spices packing machine.

6. Install the date printing ribbon.

7. Install the packaging film.

automatic spices packing machine

◆ Daily maintenance of spice packing machine

For the daily maintenance of used spices packing machine, there are several key points to be aware of. As a general rule, this involves regular cleaning and oiling of the machine parts. Here is a brief introduction:

1. Before and after starting up spice packing machine, its interior and exterior must be cleaned thoroughly. The parts of pouch packing machine that come into contact with food must be strictly disinfected.

2. Before and after the spice packing machine for sale work each day, check whether the oil level in the air source triple joint oil tank of used spices packing machine is above 1/3 of the capacity. If it is below 1/3, inject approximately half of the tank's volume with 20# pure machine oil.

3. Before the spice packing machine for sale starting up each day, fill the oil cup on the horizontal sealing bracket with 20# machine oil.

4. Unused packaging film should be removed at the end of the day to avoid bending the support pipe.

5. If any material is caught in the horizontal or vertical sealing device during operation, the used spices packing machine must be stopped immediately and the sealing surface cleaned with a copper wire brush.

The above are the installation instructions and daily maintenance details for spice packing machine. If you are interested in learning more knowledges about pouch packing machine such as Factors affecting Powder Packaging Machine Efficiency and accuracy , you can click on our BLOG to view additional information, and we also welcome you to contact us for more specific and targeted communication.