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small spice packing machine

small spice packing machine

The spice packing machine is mainly used in the food industry to automate the packaging process of spices. These spice packing machines can efficiently weigh, fill, and seal spice products into various packaging formats, such as small pouches or bottles.

The small spice packing machine introduced in this article is a type of spice pouch packing machine, also known as a spice bags packaging machine. Its working principle is to form the packaging bag by passing the packaging film roll located at the top of the spice pouch packing machine through the bag former. Then, according to the data (such as the packaging weight) set by the operator on the control panel of the packaging machine for spice, it performs functions such as weighing, filling, sealing, and cutting the bag. As it is an automatic spice pouch packing machine, all the above processes can be completed automatically, with precision, high efficiency, and reduced labor costs, making it popular among users in the food industry.

◆ Parameters of spice packaging machine for sale

Name small spice packing machine
Application Spices, grains, candies, nuts, and other granular materials
Automation level Full-automation
Measurement range 1~100g(4~300ml)
Packaging speed 30-60 packs/minute (depending on product)
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1.4KW
Size 740*940*1750MM
Weight About 400KG
Sealing type Optional back seal, three side seal, and four side seal
Bag length 30~170mm
Bag width 30~140mm
Instructions small spice packing machine can be customized according to customer needs, parameters are for reference only, subject to the final product

◆ Automatic spice pouch packing machine features

1. This automatic spice pouch packing machine can automatically complete functions such as bag making, measuring, material feeding, sealing, cutting, counting, and it can also be equipped with a printing batch number function according to customer requirements.

2. Wide range of applications: In addition to packaging spices, this small spice packing machine can also be used for the quantitative packaging of granular and block materials such as grains, cereals, candies, and nuts.

3. The auto spice packing machine adopts a touch screen PLC control system and drives the stepper motor to control the bag length. It features stable performance, convenient adjustment, and accurate detection.

4. This spice pouch packing machine is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller and PID adjustment to ensure that the temperature is controlled within an error range of less than 1℃.

◆ Details of [automatic spice packaging machine

• Food-grade stainless steel material, sanitary and durable.
The spice packaging machine is equipped with an enlarged hopper, and all parts that come into contact with the material are made of stainless steel, ensuring safety, hygiene, and rust resistance.

spices packing machine hopper

• Equipped with an intelligent digital control screen, the operation is simple and the buttons are clear.
The automatic spices packing machine adopts an intelligent temperature controller with PID adjustment, ensuring that the temperature is controlled within an error range of less than 1℃.

Automatic spices packing machine control screen

• Automatic spice pouch packing machine uses high-quality heating and sealing aluminum blocks, which have good temperature conductivity, fast heating speed, and tight sealing without leakage.

spice condiment packaging machine horizontal sealing
automatic spice packaging machine Vertical sealing
small spice packing machine Vertical sealing

◆ spplication of spice pouch packing machine

This small spice packing machine has a wide range of applications. In addition to packaging granular edible spices such as star anise, fennel, Sichuan pepper, ginger, pepper, and cardamom, it can also package grains, cereals, medicines, fertilizers, feed, plastics, and small hardware. It is widely used in various fields such as food, agricultural products, medicine, and daily chemicals, making it an excellent packaging assistant for major processing plants.

Some packable products of spice packing machine
Some available packaging films of small spice packing machine

Some available packaging films of small spice packing machine

Part of measurement range of small spice packing machine

Part of measurement range of small spice packing machine

◆ Optional packaging styles

The small spice packing machine can be customized with various packaging styles, including back sealing, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, long bags, rounded corner bags, irregular-shaped bags, and inserted corner bags, which can meet different packaging needs of users and make the packaging more exquisite.

Optional packaging styles for spice condiment packaging machine
Optional packaging styles of second hand spices packing machine

◆ Optional configuration

Customers can choose to purchase a coder/cursor locator according to their needs to use with this spice packing machine, making your packaging products more exquisite, beautiful and upscale, and improving the packaging quality.

cursor locator

◆ Types of spice packaging machine

Based on different classification methods, there are many types of spice packaging machines. The more common ones include:

1. According to the form of spices, spice packing machines can be divided into granule spice packaging machines and spice powder packing machines. Granule spice packaging machines are used to pack granules or block-shaped spices such as Sichuan pepper, pepper, and cardamom etc. Once these spices are processed into powder, it is best to use spice powder packing machines, as they can prevent the volatilization and dusting of spice powder, preserve the characteristics of the spices, and better protect the environment. Spice powder packing machines can also package powder materials in other industries.

2. According to the automation level of spice packing machines, they can be divided into manual spice packing machines, semi-automatic spice packaging machines, and auto spice packing machines. Manual spice packing machines and semi-automatic spice packaging machines require more manual involvement and are suitable for personal or small-scale production. Only auto spice packing machines can automatically complete processes such as measuring, packaging, feeding, sealing, and cutting of spices. Automatic spice pouch packing machines have high packaging accuracy and production efficiency, and are suitable for medium to large-scale production enterprises.

3. According to the packaging container, spice packaging machines can be divided into spice bags packaging machines (spice pouch packing machines) and spice bottle packaging machines. The automatic spice packaging machine introduced in this article is a spice bags packaging machine (spice pouch packing machine). If you need a spice bottle packaging machine, please contact us.

For more details about types of spice packaging machines, please feel free to contact us for further information.

◆ spice packaging machine price list

When somebody want to buy spice packing machine, the spice packing machine price is a concern for every user. The spice packing machine price is influenced by many factors, especially the types of spice packaging machine. Here, based on the information provided in the “Types of Spice Packaging Machine" section above, we have compiled a spice packaging machine price list for reference. However, the actual spice packaging machine price still needs to be determined based on the specification of the spice packing machine you discuss with spice packing machine manufacturers or spice packing machine wholesalers. When calculating the spice packaging machine cost, such as the price of spice packing machine in India or the spice packing machine price in Sri Lanka, you only need to add the spice packaging machine price to the shipping cost from the spice packing machine manufacturers to your location, an you can get the total cost of spice packaging machine you need.

No. Types of spice packaging machine Reference picture Spice packing machine price for reference Application Scope
1 cheap spice packaging machine cheap spice packaging machine 700 – 1000 USD granular materials such as grains, candies, dried fruits, spices, tea leaves, medicinal herbs, fertilizers, feeds, plastic parts, hardware parts, etc., as well as powder materials.
2 auto spice packing machine auto spice packing machine 3900 – 6800 USD granular materials and powder materials. Same as above.
3 spice powder packing machine spice powder packing machine 4800 – 6500 USD seasoning powders such as chili powder, pepper powder, fruit and vegetable powder, milk powder, beverage powder, coffee powder, flour, starch, and other flowable powdered materials.
4 semi-automatic spice packaging machine semi-automatic spice packaging machine 3000 – 4200 USD Powder material with better fluidity, same as above.
5 automatic spice pouch packing machine automatic spice pouch packing machine 3500 – 11000 USD Powder material with better fluidity, same as above.

◆ spice packing machine manufacturers

We are spice packing machine manufacturers from China. We produce various types of spice packaging machines, and each type has different specifications and models to meet the different needs of our customers. For customers with a limited budget, we also have cheap spice packaging machines available. For users with special material packaging requirements, we can provide customized production of spice packaging machine for sale according to their specific needs. Over the years, we have been dedicated to developing and producing multifunctional pouch packing machines, continuously optimizing the functionality and quality of our packaging machines, and striving to provide our users with more practical packaging equipment to meet the increasingly diverse packaging needs in the market.

Our spice packing machines are sold to several Southeast Asian countries and African countries, such as spice packing machine in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and more. They are typically sold to spice packing machine wholesalers but also to individual users. If you are interested in buying a spice packing machine and want to know the price of spice packaging machines, please let us know your packaging requirements. We are more than happy to provide packaging solutions and recommend suitable spice packaging machines for you. If you are interested in becoming our spice packing machine wholesalers, please feel free to contact us for further discussions on the details.

We look forward to your inquiry.

spice packing machine manufacturers

◆ Reminder

Note 1: The calculation method of the width of the bag made from three-side sealing film is simple. For example, a 16cm film, when folded, has a width of 8cm and a length that can be adjusted between 2cm and 16cm.

Note 2: The available width of the roll stock for a pouch packing machine is fixed, and the length can be adjusted. You can choose a width specification based on the amount of material to be packed. If you need a special specification, you can contact our customer service for customization.

Note 3: Blank packaging roll films such as transparent film, aluminum foil film, non-woven fabric, and filter paper do not require alignment marks. But printed roll films require alignment marks to ensure the integrity and beauty of the printed patterns.

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