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Use Precautions and Troubleshooting of automatic pouch packing machine

automatic pouch packing machine

The application of automatic pouch packing machine in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural products is becoming increasingly widespread because it has a wide range of applicable products, simple operation, high packaging efficiency, and good performance.
The fully automatic pouch packing machine can also automatically complete the quantitative feeding, bag making, filling, counting, sealing, cutting, outputting of finished products, labeling, and printing in one go. The pouch packing machine automatic has replaced traditional manual packaging, greatly improving the work efficiency of various processing plants and reducing labor costs, which is highly favored by many users.
So, what should we pay attention to in the daily operation and use of the fully automatic pouch packing machine? As a piece of machinery, what are the common faults that may occur? And how should we detect and resolve these faults when they occur? Let's take a look in the following article.

◆ Precautions for pouch packing machine automatic

1. The pouch packing machine operator must check whether the screws and nuts of the pouch packing machine parts are loose before starting up, and tighten them in a timely manner if they are. If there are missing pins or nuts, the maintenance personnel should be notified to deal with it promptly.

2.Check whether the feeding part of the small automatic pouch packing machine has any abnormal blockage (foreign objects), and if so, use compressed air or water to remove it.

3. Check the cutter assembly, and if the cutter is not sharp, replace it in a timely manner. At the same time, use the dripping method to oil the transmission part of the cutter, and do not pour the oil into the belt track in a pouring way, otherwise the strapping belt will slip.

4. If any abnormal phenomenon is found during the startup process (such as loud noise, large vibration, strange smell, etc.), and if the pouch packing machine operator cannot resolve it, the machine should be stopped, and the maintenance personnel should be notified to handle it to avoid damage to the pouch packing machine and spare parts.

5. After long-term use of the pouch packing machine, it is necessary to lubricate all pouch packing machine parts to ensure that each component can function properly.

6. Shut down the feed switch before turning off the motor power to avoid damaging the cutting tools. It is important to regularly inspect and clean the longitudinal and transverse sealing parts, and remove any foreign objects to prevent poor sealing.

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◆ Common Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

The vertical pouch packing machine is an essential type of specialized equipment in enterprise production processes. During long-term operation, the machine may experience faults such as abnormal shutdown caused by insufficient maintenance. Below are some common faults, troubleshooting methods and diagnosis for the pouch packing machine.

No. Fault Phenomenon Pouch Packing Machine Fault Diagnosis Troubleshooting
1 Unable to powering on
or no response when powering on
Check If the small pouch packing machine “Emergency Stop” switch has been reset 1. Reset the “Emergency Stop” switch;
2. Turn off the small pouch packing machine main power for 20 seconds before powering on again.
2 Tripping of residual current device Leakage from heating tubes and other electrical appliances Check each electrical appliance one by one
3 Unable to Increase Sealing Temperature 1. Circuit breaker tripped;
2. Heating tube burnt out;
3. Temperature controller damaged.
1. Check and eliminate any short circuits, then reconnect;
2. Replace the heating tube;
3. Replace the temperature controller.
4 Temperature controller displays unstable temperature numbers Loose or damaged thermocouple Tighten or replace the thermocouple
5 The temperature is normal when the pouch packing machine automatic is shut down, but the temperature drops after it is turned on 1. Low voltage leads to reduced power output of the heating tube;
2. Insufficient power output of the heating tube.
1. Reduce packaging speed or add voltage stabilizing device;
2. Replace with high-power heating tube.
6 Unstable weighing of particles The speed setting is too fast Reduce the packaging speed or contact the pouch packing machine manufacturer.
7 Leakage in package sealing 1. Insufficient temperature;
2. Insufficient pressure;
3. Short sealing time;
4. Uneven sealing of front and rear horizontal sealing rollers;
5. Seal clamp;
6.Leakage in sealing of small powder packing machine
1. Increase the temperature appropriately;
2. Check if the total pressure is 6.5 kilograms;
3. Increase the sealing time parameter appropriately;
4. Carefully adjust the parallelism of the horizontal sealing rollers;
5. Adjust the discharge time or inflation delay;
6. Use an extended screw to fill the bag to avoid dust contamination in sealing.
8 Cannot control the tangent point or tangent midpoint 1. Wrinkles on the edge of the packaging film or problems with the optical path quality cause photoelectric false action;
2. The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not adjusted properly;
3. The set bag length is not sufficient, causing long and short bags.
1. Replace the packaging film;
2. Readjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric eye;
3. Increase the set bag length.
9 Film stretching abnormality 1. Insufficient or excessive pressure in the film pulling cylinder;
2. Belt slipping or damaged;
3. Severe static electricity on the packaging film.
1. Check whether the film pulling pressure is 2.5 kilograms;
2. Use a saw blade to scrape the surface of the belt or replace the belt;
3. Replace the packaging film.

If you encounter a problem while using our automatic pouch packing machine that is not listed in our troubleshooting guide, don't worry. You can contact us via WhatsApp, and we will be happy to provide you with service and answer your questions, making your pouch packing machine operation smoother and creating more value for you.
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