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powder packing machine

vertical powder packing machine

The powder packing machine is mainly suitable for quantitative packaging of powdered materials in industries such as food, medicine, chemical industry, and pesticides. It is suitable for manufacturers of flour, starch, seasonings, coffee, preserved fruit, laundry detergent, seeds, desiccants, powdered drugs, and other powdered products. The solid powder packing machine can pack powdered materials into bags, bottles, cans, and other containers.

This article introduces the powder bag packing machine (also known as sachet powder packing machine/plastic bag powder packing machine), which is a powder screw packing machine that uses screw filling. Compared to manual powder packing machine and semi automatic powder packing machine, it greatly reduces the contact between materials and labor, ensuring hygiene and avoiding material clumping due to exposure to air, thus guaranteeing packaging quality. The powder screw packing machine adopts volumetric measurement with low error, ensuring precise packaging. The powder screw packing machine is suitable for powdery and fine granular materials with certain fluidity. Additionally, it is also an automatic powder packing machine that can automatically complete powder measurement, bag-making, filling, sealing, and cutting, significantly surpassing manual powder packing machine and semi automatic powder packing machine in terms of packaging efficiency and precision. It has the advantages of being fast, accurate, economical, and practical.

◆Powder packing machine specification

As this powder packing machine vertical model has multiple options and can be customized based on customers' requirements, the parameters listed here are for reference purposes only. The actual powder packing machine specification will depend on the final product state that is determined for production.

Product Name: Automatic powder packing machine
Model Type: YS420DZ (520/720 optional)
Powder packing machine film Width: 420mm (420/520/720mm)
Powder packing machine film Roll Diameter: 320mm
Bag Length: 80-300mm
Bag Width: 60-200mm (200/250/350mm)
Measurement Range: 150-1500ml
Powder Packing Machine Speed: 5-60 bag/min
Power: 220V, 50/60HZ, 2.2KW
Powder bags packing machine Size (L*W*H) 2500*1015*2330mm
Fine powder packing machine Weight: 1300KG
powder packing machine film Materials: OPP/CPP OPP/CE/PET/PE NILO/PE
Optional Specification: Coder; Punching device; Exhaust, Inflatable device; Gusseted.
dry powder packing machine

◆ Performance characteristics of powder packing machine

1.It adopts a brand new design with a stunning appearance, more rational structure, and more advanced technology.

2. It has multiple automatic alarm protection functions to minimize losses to a great extent.

3. Fully automatic powder packing machine adopts a PLC fully computerized control system with a color touchscreen that supports interchanging between Chinese and English languages. The operating system is user-friendly, and the interface is clear and easy to understand.

4. All materials of the powder bag packing machine are made of stainless steel, especially for the parts in contact with the materials, which are made of the 316 stainless steel and fully meet the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP.

5. The weighing powder packing machine can complete bag making, filling, weighing, sealing, coding, tracking color marks, and bag cutting at one time.

6. Adopting imported servo film transport system and color mark sensor, the powder packaging machinery ensures accurate positioning and outstanding performance, and result in beautiful packaging.

7.It can provide customers with various types of bags, such as pillow bags, gusseted bags, hang hole bags, and continuous bags.

powder packaging machine design pdf
milk powder packing machine india

◆ Advantages of fully automatic powder packing machine

1. The powder packing machinery greatly improves labor productivity, with a powder packing machine speed of 5-60 bags per minute.

2. The powder packing machine powder filling machine effectively ensures packaging quality with minimal error. The weight of each bag is basically the same, and the powder does not splash, resulting in clean and neat packaging.

3. The fully automatic powder packing machine performs bag-making, measurement, feeding, sealing, and bag cutting automatically, reducing labor intensity for workers and saving labor costs.

4. The filling powder packing machine effectively prevents certain materials from causing harm to the human body and helps protect the environment from pollution.

5. The filler automatic powder packing machine adopts screw feeding, preventing direct contact between the product, humans, and the air, ensuring product hygiene.

◆ Product Details Introduction

Feeder and metering device of fully automatic powder packing machine
Bag former, control panel and sealing of fully automatic powder packing machine

◆ Application of automatic powder packing machine

This powder granule packing machine is widely used in various industries and fields. Here are some common application areas:

Food industry: Powder packing machine is the most widely used in the food field, it can be used to package various food powders, It is often used as food powder packing machine, rice powder packing machine, mirch powder packing machine, corn powder packing machine, yeast powder packing machine, milk powder sachet packing machine, collagen powder packing machine /protein powder packing machine, coffee powder packing machine, jaggery powder packing machine etc.;

Catering industry: It also can be used as spice powder packing machine, such as masala powder packing machine, turmeric powder packing machine, haldi powder packing machine, curry powder packing machine, chilli powder packing machine, red chilli powder packing machine, mirchi powder packing machine, cinnamon powder packing machine, etc.;

Daily industry: The packing machine for powder is also widely used in the daily goods industry, such as baby powder packing machine, soap powder packing machine, washing powder packing machine/detergent powder packing machine, etc.;

Chemical industry: This small powder packing machine can also be used as chemical powder packing machine to pack various chemical powders. The more common usage is bleaching powder packing machine, rubber powder packing machine, sulfur powder packing machine, nichrome powder packing machine,etc.;

Pharmaceutical industry: Powder pouch packing machine can be used to pack drug powder, used as snuff powder packing machine, packaging such as medicine powder, health product powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, etc. Agricultural industry: powder pouch packing machine can be used to pack agricultural supplies, such as pesticide powder, seed powder, etc.

Construction industry: Powder pouch packing machine can be used as powder coating packing machine, packing such as pigment powder, wall coating powder, etc.

Other industries: Packing machine powder can also be used in cosmetics industry, household goods industry and other fields, for packaging powdered cosmetics, detergent powder, etc.

In general, China powder packing machine has wide applications in various industries. Through the automated packaging process, it can improve production efficiency, ensure packaging quality, and meet the diverse packaging needs of different industries for powder products.

Application of china automatic powder packing machine

◆ Suggestion for bag types with different weights

Each powder sachet packing machine may have different packaging ranges, and users can adjust the weight of each bag within this range. Depending on the desired single bag weight, you can select corresponding packaging bag shapes to enhance the appearance, improve packaging quality, and elevate the overall presentation. Here are our recommendations for packaging bag types based on different packaging weights, for your reference

Suggestion for bag types of powder bag packing machine

◆ Optional Configuration

Our dry powder packing machine can also be equipped with other configurations to meet users' different packaging needs. For example, it can have different incisions, a coding machine, an exhaust device, a punching device, a bag connecting device, and can also achieve corner bag packaging, special-shaped sealing, easy-tear opening, and other functions. This greatly enriches the possibilities of packaging, making your product packaging more diverse, exquisite, and has higher quality. You are welcome to contact us via WhatsApp for further discussion on the specific details of the powder filling and packing machine.

Optional configuration of dry powder packing machine

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◆ buy powder packing machine

The sachet powder packing machine introduced in this article is a small powder packing machine with a packaging range of 150-1500g. For example, if you want to choose a 1 kg powder packing machine, you can directly select it. If you need to package larger quantities, we also offer other models of large powder packing machine to choose from, such as 25 kg powder packing machine, 50 kg powder packing machine, and so on.

Prices may vary for different types and models of packing machine for powder. You simply need to add the powder packing machine price along with the shipping cost from China powder packing machine suppliers to your location. Many customers have reported that they found our powder packing machine price much cheaper than the prices they obtained locally. This is because local distributors in your area add their high profit margins on top of the powder packing machine price and shipping cost, which is not cost-effective for you. So if you want to buy powder packing machine and want to know the powder packing machine price, such as coffee powder packing machine price, chilli powder packing machine price, masala powder packing machine price, detergent powder packing machine price, milk powder packing machine price, rice powder packing machine price, turmeric powder packing machine price, sugar powder packing machine price,etc., we recommend you to directly contact us to obtain a packing machine for powder that truly meets your needs at the most reasonable and economical price.
Looking forward to your inquiry.

◆ Shipping process

As a professional and experienced powder packing machine manufacturer, besides selling powder packing machine in China, our powder packing machine machine is also widely shipped overseas. Since overseas sales involve long-distance transportation, which undergoes multiple transportation processes such as land transportation, sea transportation, and land transportation again, strong and sturdy packaging is essential to protect the powder packing machine from damage.

Our packing machine is packaged in thickened wooden boxes, which can better protect the machine from harm during long-distance transportation, ensuring that our customers receive the product intact and undamaged. In addition, we have a professional transportation team that is highly experienced in transportation routes and customs clearance policies. We can help our customers efficiently obtain the packing machine of powder and truly enjoy a high-quality shopping experience.

automatic detergent powder packing machine Shipping process

◆ powder packing machine manufacturers

With the rise of China powder packing machine in overseas markets, China powder packing machine manufacturers are also becoming increasingly popular, which has led to the emergence of more and more powder packing machine manufacturers in China. We are a professional powder packing machine supplier, with many years of experience in the production and sales of powder filling packing machine. Our automatic powder packing machine is sold to countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. You can see our powder packing machine Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, India (such as powder packing machine in Coimbatore, powder packing machine in Hyderabad, powder pouch packing machine Ahmedabad),etc.

We specialize in powder packing machine wholesale and retail. In addition to selling our packing machine powder packing machine directly to individual users, we also cooperate with local powder packing machine suppliers (such as powder packing machine manufacturers in Coimbatore, Pune, Ahmedabad of India). They come from various industries, such as milk powder packing machine manufacturers, rice powder packing machine manufacturers, tea powder packing machine manufacturers, etc., and then they will distribute the powder packing machinery to local users.

Apart from the screw feeding fully automatic powder packing machine mentioned in this article, we also have another affordable powder packing machine. If you are interested, you can click to view.

In addition to powder packing machinery, we also manufacture and sell granule weighing & packing machine, Liquid Pouch Packing Machine, flow wrap machines, which are used for packaging hardware components, food, vegetables and fruits, daily necessities, and can meet the packaging needs of different user groups. Our pouch packing machines have a good brand reputation and position in the industry and are widely trusted and praised by customers. If you have any packaging needs, please feel free to contact us.

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